The owners of the domain name user.info are accepting offers from interested parties willing to obtain ownership rights over the domain name. You can place your offer by filling out the form below.

This is a good faith offer. If you believe that your rights are violated please read the disclaimer

How to make offer

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Receive an e-mail with a unique web link
  3. Click on the link and confirm your bid. You will be also asked about the executional details of the transaction.
  4. Your proposal will be immediately passed to the owners of the domain name. After your offer will be reviewed, you will receive additional information or escrow transaction will be initiaited.
  5. Valuation of domain name can change rapidly in current market situation and therefore there is no fixed price on this name. Owners will consider your offer and they have option either to accept it or send counteroffer. Please try to send serious proposals in order to speed up negotiations . Offers under $500 US will not be reviewed and no counteroffer will be sent.

Sales Process.

As soon you succesfully negotiated on domain name (or your offer was accepted), you will receive e-mail from escrow with transaction details and further instructions. Generally, we recommend use of www.escrow.com an independent third party transaction management service. The process of domain name transfer at Escrow is simple: Seller registers at escrow.com web site and initiates a domain name transfer transaction. Buyer accepts the terms of the transaction and pays the full amount of sale to the escrow account via chosen payment method. Upon securing funds escrow.com instructs the seller to pass the domain name to buyer. Buyer receives control over the domain name and notifies escrow.com. Escrow.com then releases funds to the seller.

If agreed price on domain name exceeds $1,000 US, escrow fees are to be covered by Seller. Otherwise, Buyer is responsible for escrow fees (escrow fee calculator)

If you are unable to proceed using escrow services, it is possible to use sedo.com escrow service.

We can also accept direct payment via bank wire transfer or credit card.

Before proceeding to placing your bid we strongly suggest you to read our FAQ.

If you are going to choose Escrow Transfer, please also read:

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